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Adele Reed-Griffiths

As a parent of 3 children, 2 of which have a diagnosis of Autism and 1 going through diagnosis I can’t thank Haworth RDA enough for all their support. The boys have been able to ride every week now for several years which has really brought them on. Their confidence is amazing around the horses and they are able to just be themselves without being judged by the outside world which is very cruel when you have a disability you can’t see. My youngest son has been able to ride in the Special Olympics which made him so proud and confident, something we thought he would never be able to do but with the guidance and support of the RDA staff and volunteers they made an impossible opportunity, possible! It is really lovely to see my children smile with enjoyment around the stables and we all look forward to this session every week. Thank you Haworth RDA. 


As a volunteer with the Haworth RDA I have always felt the help was valued both by staff, other volunteers and riders/carers. Many friendships have been made and various social activities, organised by the RDA, enjoyed. The most rewarding part is seeing the enjoyment, confidence and improved balance which the riders gain from riding and interacting with the ponies.

Sue Monroe

James enjoys his lessons and loves new things and words, I feel riding is excellent for his balance and muscle tone also the hoist is such a highlight for him too he loves it.

Helen Joliffe

My son is 10yrs old and has Asperger’s syndrome. He joined Haworth RDA 2 years ago initially having a lesson every 2 weeks, it quickly became apparent that he relaxes around horses in a caring way that he doesn’t anywhere else. He progressed to private lessons weekly and progressed to riding independently and is looking forward to entering competitions for the first time this year. His love of horses and pride in his achievements have also affected his school work where he has enthusiastically set his own projects around horses and horse care. He is interested in becoming a farrier when he leaves school.

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